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"STRUGGLING to Find the PERFECT Business Name?
Looking for a Web Site Address, But The Best Are All GONE?
Here's How to STEAL the GREATEST NAMES... FROM ME!!"

February 2019

Dear Friend

I have your PERFECT business name set on my computer. RIGHT NOW!

It's absolutely true. Sitting idly on my PC right now, I have the business name and domain that you've been absolutely STRUGGLING to generate.

And I'd like YOU to HAVE it!


But first, let me ask you a quick question. Which of these applies to you?

I'm a software developer needing NEW product names!
I'm setting up a new site and can't think what to call it!
I need ideas for a fresh business name – yesterday!
All the good domains are gone. Give me a FANTASTIC domain – NOW
None of the above, but I need a GREAT NAME. And FAST!

If this sounds like you, then you've probably already gone through the pain and heartache of trying to find a new name for your business.

The HOURS of endlessly searching for domains that never seem available. The CONFUSION as you rack your brain for the name that would really "fit". The NUMBING BOREDOM of trying to come up with the perfect name for your business or product.

Read on......


Yes - It's F-F-F-rustrating.
But What If There Was a SECRET METHOD of
Generating Names - At the CLICK of a BUTTON?

Well – great news. There's something you don't know about!

NameRazor is an exciting new software tool that can instantly generate THOUSANDS of new business names and domains based on YOUR idea!

Simply tell NameRazor your core idea – and it'll instantly begin working hard to generate thousands of exciting business names for you.

Use the names for new software products... for new brands...
for new offline business names... for new domains... for new information products... and MUCH more!

With its database of thousands of "namelets", NameRazor can generate an UNLIMITED number of business names for you. It's EASY!!

You literally just POINT and CLICK!

But that's not all. With NameRazor, you can add your domain names to a list and save or print for later reference. You can instantly lookup domain name availability – and even purchase from within the program.

PLUS, with its built-in Smart Name Algorithm™, you'll NEVER seen irrelevant or poor quality results. This isn't a simply "prefix" and "suffix" adder. It literally ANALYZES the content and styling of your base word in order to find the best related names for you!

And remember, NameRazor works on ANY Windows computer – so you don't have to worry about compatibility. With NameRazor, it just WORKS!

Absolutely excellent product, please use this message as a testimonial on your site. If you're thinking about buying, then stop thinking!! This is a really fantastic tool. I've used it to generate three software names so far. I did it in one minute flat – and they're all listed on right now. Perfect SEO work!
- Tiffany Townley, tiffany_town****** Miami, FL.
I'm not writing to ask for support, just to say thank you. I don't know where you got the idea for this, but I've just bought sixteen domains, including,,, and It cost me $100 and apparently the domains are valued at around $2 million. I'm sure they won't sell for that, but what a great tool!
- David Hile, Tribal House Solutions. Sunrise, FL.
I wanted to let you know that I’ve reached number one on Google now for the phrase ‘backup software’. I can’t believe your tool helped me to generate the three names I’m using for my three backup tools. Total search engine optimization here. Thank you!
- Paul Redfern, EverythingVentured. Birmingham, UK.

Okay, So WHO Wants to Grab the
PERFECT Business Name & PERFECT Domain Name
Within the NEXT Ten Minutes??

Want to grab your copy of NameRazor? Then you'd better ACT QUICKLY!

NameRazor is available until midnight, Monday, February 4th 2019 at the reduced price of just $22.95.


Purchase within the next HOUR and you'll receive the FULL version of NameRazor for just $12.95!!!


PLUS – You'll ALSO receive the following FREE bonuses, worth $350!

FREE Copies of Good Keywords, Geo-Keyword Software & SEO Studio – Rocket your site way up to position #1 in the search engines, with this powerful combination of leading webmaster tools. Fantastic!
FREE Fully-Working Copy of Serif WebPlus – Design your next Web site with absolute ease, thanks to this fully-working professional HTML editor. Includes HUNDREDS of FREE Web templates!
EXCLUSIVE $10 DISCOUNT - Expired Domain Names Pro – You'll receive a HUGE $10 discount against your purchase of Expired Domain Names Pro, the Web's most powerful domain name generator.
FREE Shoot-‘em-Up Games – You've just saved yourself HOURS by using NameRazor! Now chill-out with two FULL-VERSION shoot-‘em-up games, developed exclusively by our staff. Enjoy!
FREE Lifetime Support – Got questions? Need help or advice? We're available to help around the clock. Simply contact our support team at anytime and we promise to answer any query within one business day.
PLUS, keep in our mind our 100% customer content guarantee...

Here's Our 100% Customer Guarantee

If NameRazor doesn’t do 100% of what we promise,
then we’ll provide you with a total refund.
/bin/bash: indent: command not found That's our TOTAL Customer Guarantee!
Interested? Click on this button to grab YOUR copy of NameRazor, alongside ALL of the bonuses, RIGHT AWAY.

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All credit cards accepted. We also accept US/UK check and telephone orders.
If you wish to pay via PayPal, please click here.
Software requires Windows and an Internet connection.



And now, for a second, think back to all of the HOURS you've spent desperately searching for the perfect name....

Business name after business name, domain name after domain name – all gone, all taken, all straight into the trash.

But with NameRazor on your side, you could generating THOUSANDS of FANTASTIC business names in a split-second. It's the solution to your problems – and this might be the last copy you EVER get to purchase a copy.

So click on the above link now and REMEMBER our guarantee.


Thank you for your time,

Dan Strauss
Dan Strauss, Site Manager
Generate Business
Part of the WCCL Network

PS. Just in case you're wondering
... YES, NameRazor even named itself! Click HERE to purchase!

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